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Image When you look at a situation how do you asses¬†whether your emotions are clouding your judgement? How do you know if you are making the right decision? What would happen if you changed your mind? What about the other fellow’s viewpoint? Is he right really or are you absolutely certain your viewpoint is the right one? Just how is that decision going to affect your future? Does it help or hinder in the short or long term? It behooves us to ‘Look!’ No I don’t mean any old kind of look! I mean really, honestly and thoroughly look from all angles possible. That includes having a ganders at the situation from the other fellow’s viewpoint whether you like him or not. ‘Understanding’ results in peace and tolerance. If you understand why someone acts as they do you are less likely to condemn them for it. Sometimes people’s actions are so weird they aren’t understandable, but even that is understandable to the degree you accept that not everything is understandable!! There are many reasons the not-understandables can seemingly slow you down. Trying to understand a not-understandable can leave you pondering in a motionless morass for days until you finally grudgingly accept the absurdity of putting life on hold and focus on something else. Have a go at trying on the other fellows viewpoint, surprisingly some of them can fit quite snugly.


When to write


Whenever I go for a stroll, wherever I end up, there’s always a story hiding just around the next corner. A new character, a setting for the next scene or a thought provoking conversation with a stranger. I love to write and spend all my spare minutes collecting the material I want to write about.

I don’t usually get to put any of it down until after 10pm though as I’m too busy living life. So I wait until life is snuggling down for a rest and has slowed down just enough for me to pause and pen a few words before bedtime.

That’s what I tell myself, then I realise again, oops! 3am and still writing and such a lot of life to ¬†catch up on tomorrow. Maybe just a few more words before sleep.