Monthly Archives: November 2013



Writing is a funny old game.

It’s easy to do, you just put pen to paper or more likely these days you would put fingers to keyboard and off you go. Doesn’t matter what you write, it’s your creation, your words, do what you want with them. Write a poem, a story or about what happened that day that was good. Or bad!

Write to your friends and family about what’s happening in your life. Everyone loves receiving letters and emails, it makes them feel cared about. The fact you took the time out of your day to write them a note or a ‘Hey how are you doing?’ shows them you care and can really lift someone’s spirit.

But what if you want to be a professional writer? Well I saw a quote recently that said ‘A Professional writer is just an amateur that didn’t quit’ and that about covers it for me.

When I’m asked where my ideas come from I tell people I daydream, I imagine, I wonder what would happen if…then I write about it. On those days I can’t think of what happens next in one of my stories, I write about something else, an idea for the next story, another character that isn’t in the book but I might use for another one. Anything, I just keep writing.

Even this post is part of my ‘process’. I just love to write. Period.

However, then there is the proof reading, the editing, the adding more and cutting it out, the re-write, the scrap pile, the just can’t make that sentence work hour of agony, the promotion, the production, the publisher, the sale, then the better get started with the next one.  Not to mention the art of communication, testing your audience, writing for a specific target market, the illustration then American, English or Australian spellings, idioms, slang and the grammar of which my education in that subject seems to be never ending, definitely an ongoing process.

My advice?  Just have fun, then tidy it up a bit and quickly get back to having some more fun.

Because let’s face it, that IS why I write, if it’s not fun,why bother?