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Is Success Achieved by Luck?


I’m pretty sure success isn’t achieved by luck.

We see success on the surface but what are we actually looking at?

Maybe a Professional is someone who practiced hard, sweated long hours and still lives and breathes his chosen path. If we looked closer would we see the years of practice they didn’t mention because they were too busy doing it to talk about it? I think perhaps we would.

I read a book once and my reaction to it was. INCREDIBLE!!! Everyone needs to read this. It’s amazing. One book wonder? No chance! Online it transpired much to my amusement that pretty much everyone had already read it before me. Hundreds of thousands of fans and plenty of reviews and on the best seller lists. I’d been too busy writing to be checking those. Several books published of which the latest was the best seller. The earlier books were good also, they just lacked a tiny something that he nailed in his latest book. I know of course because after reading his latest book, I then bought all his earlier ones so I could catch up. It wasn’t that the earlier books weren’t good, they were. It’s just that his last book was better, he had learned things along the path that led him there and I for one, and several thousand others I’m sure, were grateful he kept on going.

Some paths are a long but gentle climb and maybe some are much steeper than others. You would be forgiven for stopping for a rest along the way to enjoy a little of the view and contemplate where you started and where you are going. That’s what I’m looking at right now and I’m going to spend a little time fleshing out my plans to include envisioning what I think is going to be at the end of my own climb, I bet the view is stunning from the top. What will it feel like when we get there? How do we define where ‘there’ is?

Whatever path you choose, be the best you can be and don’t forget to enjoy the journey.

Happy climbing xxx